Fast and Friendly Customer Service

Fast and Friendly Customer Service

Computer Expertise

Your computers and your computer network are the heart and soul of your business. Based in Bangor, Maine, Canyon Networks is a reliable and responsive source for expert computer repair, networking, virus protection, security, and technology consulting.

We Make Sure The Computers Work.

When the computers don't work, you don't work.
It's just that simple.

We understand that businesses of all size rely on their computers and computer networks to keep them operating, communicating, and profitable.  And from fixing the issues that bug you the most to planning the next level of technology investments, you need an IT partner that is reliable, responsive, and easy to talk to.

Our customers tell us they appreciate:

  • Our reliable technical services: allowing them to concentrate on the key strengths of their business. 
  • Our full range of 'fixed cost' IT support: allows companies to eliminate the budget surprises of computer and IT services.
  • Our fast remote assistance: Our remote management software allows for faster reactions, faster solutions, and less downtown should an issue arise.

Have a question?

We'd be happy to talk. 
Give us a call in our Bangor, Maine office: (207) 518-8638  or EMAIL US.

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